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MQ-4 methane sensor breakout board

How to Use MQ-4 Methane Gas Sensor

The MQ-4 is one of many gas sensors ready to be interfaced with microcontrollers. Just like the rest of the MQ sensors, the MQ-4 is most sensitive to a particular gas. This time, it’s methane, although the sensor can still detect other flammable gases like butane and propane.

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Designing a PCB for the RP2040 Microcontroller

Using the Raspberry Pi Pico is convenient, but as you level up your project, you’ll find that it is much better to create your own PCB that satisfies your design requirements. If you have designed PCB boards for STM32 microcontrollers before, then you’ll find that it is not much different …

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incremental rotary encoder

Using Rotary Encoders with Arduino

There exists a sensor for almost all physical parameters. Temperature? Pressure? Weight? Gas Concentration? We’ve written a tutorial for them all on this site. This time, we will try to build a device that measures rotational position. The same device can measure rotational speed too. Of course, we’re talking about the …

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HX711 Load Cell

How to Use Load Cell with HX711 and Arduino

Measuring an object’s weight can sometimes be part of a bigger project. And unless you have a good reason, you wouldn’t want to use an analog weighing scale. A digital weight sensor is easier to interface with, not to mention its accuracy and durability against an analog weight sensor. In …

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MQ-135 breakout board

MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor Tutorial

The MQ-135 “air quality” sensor is part of the MQ series of gas sensors that uses a chemical sensitive element. The resistance of such element varies when exposed to certain gases. The MQ-135 is sensitive to multiple gases including Benzene, Acetone, Alcohol and Ammonium.

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Arduino Altimeter Project Using BMP085

This Arduino Altimeter project features the BMP085 atmospheric pressure sensor by Bosch. Because atmospheric pressure is directly related to altitude above sea level, we can use this sensor to determine current height with respect to the height of the oceans. The height is given in meters and is displayed on …

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How to Use the MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensor is especially designed to be sensitive to carbon monoxide (CO) gas which is emitted by vehicles, factories, etc. Since this gas is considered toxic to humans at certain levels, concentration of CO is used to determine the air pollution in a given area.

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