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chargeback management

Choosing the Right Chargeback Management Software

Today, on the Internet, every business or company can find many online tools or software that help automate business processes as well as improve them.  You can find CRM systems, marketing tools, communication and collaboration apps, and more. At the same time, users can find a dozen alternatives for each …

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keycard basics

The Basics Of Key Card Entry Systems

As time passes by, criminals find more ways to rob, kidnap, and trespass. This has become a serious problem, especially in the United States. In a year, there are over 2.5 million burglary cases just in America alone. The severity of this problem intensifies more since the breach in security …

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Studying as an Electrician: Which Universities are Better to Choose?

Demand for electricians is increasing throughout the world. New structures need electrical wiring installation, while old structures require maintenance. The experts are responsible for the installation, connection, and maintenance of any electrical system.  To become an electrical engineer, a student may require to combine other subjects. They may need to …

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How to Measure Performance on Your Linux VPS Server

A virtual private server with Linux operating system is one of the most profitable solutions for the development of e-commerce, other types of business, and private tasks (source). Sometimes the client needs to know the technical parameters of the system in order to plan development strategies. If there are doubts …

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incremental rotary encoder

Using Rotary Encoders with Arduino

There exists a sensor for almost all physical parameters. Temperature? Pressure? Weight? Gas Concentration? We’ve written a tutorial for them all on this site. This time, we will try to build a device that measures rotational position. The same device can measure rotational speed too. Of course, we’re talking about the …

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5 Steps To Understanding Your Residential Lease

If you are searching for a place to live, you’ll soon be faced with the “fun” task of reading & understanding your lease. This legally enforceable contract spells out your down payment, termination date, responsibilities as a tenant, and the rent you’ll be paying every month.  Although it’s a lengthy …

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Solar-powered Arduino

A Guide to Powering your Arduino

The Arduino was invented primarily for non-engineers but now, a lot of engineers are also into it. Using it in a fully-developed project is not a good look, yes, but it’s a lot quicker than building from scratch.  My only issue at the beginning is finding the best way to …

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