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How to Use the MQ-3 Gas Sensor

The MQ-3 gas sensor is useful for projects that tests levels of alcohol, benzine, hexane or LPG in the air but it is most popularly used as a breathalyzer (breath analyzer) for someone who drank beer, wine or other liquor. Learn how to use this sensor in this tutorial.

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L298N Motor Controller Tutorial

How to Use L298N Motor Driver

You can drive a LED on or off using a microcontroller like Arduino or PIC. There’s no problem there because the 20 mA or so current from the pins is enough. Obviously, you can’t drive loads that require much more current like a motor. This is where the L298N motor …

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NodeMCU WiFi Access Point

Web Server with NodeMCU WebSocket

Uploading sensor data to web servers is one of the core ideas for Internet of Things (IoT). Such data are often small-sized and are continuously updated over time. And while HTTP performs satisfactorily for simple applications, like how I showed in my NodeMCU web server tutorial, there is a need …

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