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E32 radios


I am referring to this post : https://www.teachmemicro.com/e32-ttl-100-sx1278-lora-module/#comment-18078

I am using a similar module from ECByte, and we are running into issues about radios not being able to talk to each other with any mode, beside the broadcast or monitoring mode (address set to xFFFF). Any time the radios are set to specific addresses and channels they fail to talk to each other.... Have you experienced smthg like this with the ones you used for the write up ? Thanks


Hi Lauren,

Can you post your code here, please?

Hello Roland:

Radio is connected to PC via  USB/uart cable.

//Set up UART connection to radio

import serial
radio = serial.Serial('COM14', timeout=1)
//Send radio parameters
//Address=0x01, channel=0x04, everything else default (on E30, SPED=0x18 and OPTION=0x44)
//Make sure radio is in Mode 3 (M0=M1=1)

import struct

ADD = 0x01
CHAN = 0x04
SPED = 0x18
OPTION = 0x44

parameters = struct.pack('>BHBBB',0xC0, ADD, SPED, CHAN, OPTION)

//Check radio parameters
//Make sure radio is in Mode 3 (M0=M1=1)

import time

values = struct.pack('BBB',0xC1,0xC1,0xC1)


// Output is: \xc0\x00\x01\x18\x04\x44

//Send data
//Make sure radio isNOT in Mode 3. Mode 0 (M0=M1=0) is best.

address = 0x02
channel = 0x04
data = 0xAA

message = struct.pack('>HBB', address, channel, data)

//Test Message

import struct
address = 0x02
channel = 0x04
data = 0xAA

message = struct.pack('>HBB', address, channel, data)
print (message)

// out put is : b'\x00\x02\x04\xaa'


Ok it seems that the option code set at 0x44 is fishy. It should probably be 0xC4 instead ...


It seems that this module is transparently transmitting serial data in the LORA band. So set pins 1 and 2 according to your needs (you didn't tell us yet), connect pin3 to Arduino TX, pin4 to Arduino RX and pin 5 to and free digital input on the Arduino. Pin6 is connected to 5V and pin7 to GND.