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Update ESP32 Firmware through External Web Server

ESP32 Update Firmware through Web Server

Launching a project into production doesn’t mean it’s 100% finished --- this is why software/firmware updates exist. And your users are not programmers so you want the update process as user-friendly as possible. Thankfully, the ESP32 allows you to update its compiled code, called firmware, to be updated over the …

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A Guide to Powering your Arduino

Solar-powered Arduino

The Arduino was invented primarily for non-engineers but now, a lot of engineers are also into it. Using it in a fully-developed project is not a good look, yes, but it’s a lot quicker than building from scratch.  My only issue at the beginning is finding the best way to …

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Programming the STM32F407VE Black Board

STM32F407VE black board features

I just got my hands on a STM32F407VET black development board from China and was excited about the possible projects I can build with it. To my demise, there’s not much information about programming the board so I had to find that out by myself. This post is for those …

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Using a Fingerprint Sensor

Sensor attached to Arduino UNO

Fingerprint sensors are old technology but it wasn’t readily available to makers until it was cheap. With such a device, you could easily create a keyless secure lock, biometric attendance system, and many more. Fingerprint Sensor Module I managed to secure a fingerprint sensor module that communicates via TTL serial. …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Making a STM32 Board

STM32 Printed Circuit Board

If you’re looking to learn how to make your own electronic devices at home, it’s important to understand that you’re going to need two things: a microprocessor and the microprocessor board to put it on. In an earlier post, we taught you how to program the PIC16F84A — sometimes known as …

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