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BeagleBone Tutorial

Beaglebone Black I2C Tutorial

beaglebone black i2c

I2C is a popular communications protocol and is used by a lot of sensors and devices. This is why most microcontrollers, including Arduino, PICs and STM32 have I2C support. In this tutorial, we will look at how to use the I2C protocol on the BBB and create a simple Beaglebone …

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Beaglebone Black ADC: Reading Analog Voltages

beaglebone black adc

One of the most important things your microcontroller can do is read analog voltages. It is important particularly in interfacing with sensors where most throw varying voltage levels that represent varying physical quantities (temperature, pressure, etc.). Microcontrollers, including the Beaglebone Black, have analog to digital converters to do this. Here …

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Beaglebone Black Blink LED using C++

beaglebone black blink LED

The first thing I did when I had my Beaglebone Black (BBB) was toy with it using C++. The "hello world" of embedded programming is LED blinking so that's what I did. Note that the BBB has user-accessible on-board LEDs and controlling them is very similar to the method outlined here. …

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