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Teach Me Microcontrollers! aims to provide simple and easy-to-understand articles about popular microcontrollers like PIC, Arduino, BeagleBone Black, etc. and widely available sensors and breakout boards. Our target readers are electrical, electronics and computer engineering students as well as professionals and hobbyists who want to get into microcontroller systems.

Our articles are not only from university lectures but also from personal experiences of our EE writers. Projects are provided as examples for further understanding of the theories discussed. This blog will be your own self-study guide to microcontrollers!

If you have issues with the site or want to ask some personal questions (hopefully not too personal) to the site owners, kindly use our contact page.

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  1. hope you'll consider in targeting computer engineers too. they actually do embedded systems and these tutorials means a lot to them. thankssss

  2. I made your application called: "Serial (USART) Communication with PIC16F877A" for string.
    After power on, to my PC via TTL to USB interface, I just see only first character (HHHHHHHH) from the whole string "Hello World!"
    Please help me to understand why I don't receive the whole string.
    Thanks for your reply.


    #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000

    void main()
    SPBRG = 25;
    TXSTA = 0b00100100; //transmit enable, async, high speed mode
    RCSTA = 0b10000000; //serial port enable
    printf(“Hello World!”);

    void putch(char data)
    TXREG = data;

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