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Arduino Tutorials

Want to join in with the Arduino craze? I am, in fact, a PIC guy but I myself would agree that learning Arduino is much easier and fun! The Arduino single-board microcontroller begun as a student project in Italy but has now become a worldwide brand. Its strength lies on ease of use, beginner friendliness and massive community support.

Checkout this list of Arduino tutorials I've compiled from my years of project building, trainings and university classes:


1. What is Arduino?

2. Arduino Boards

3. Arduino Shields  !In Progress

4. An Arduino LED Control Tutorial

5. Using an LCD with Arduino

6. Control Servo Motors with Arduino

7. Making the Arduino React to Stimulus

8. Adding Bluetooth to Arduino

9. Connecting Arduino to the Internet

10. Determining Location Using GPS !In Progress

11. Project: Arduino Robot !In Progress

I see to it that these tutorials are different from the rest; we begin with how the Arduino should be used and then do some advanced stuffs that only pro-makers would know. I believe that the best way to learn Arduino is by building projects so I also included some project assignments in each chapter. Have fun coding and building!