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ESP8266 Tutorial

Send Sensor Data to ThingSpeak via ESP8266

Soil moisture sensor to ESP8266

In the previous tutorial, we set up a soil moisture sensor and have its data readable via WiFi. However, that data is only accessible if the NodeMCU and the client (smartphone, PC, etc.) is in the same network. In this tutorial, we will use a service that allows us to …

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1.3" I2C OLED with Arduino and ESP8266

Wiring diagram of 1.3" I2C OLED and NodeMCU

Last time, I featured the 0.96” OLED display and how to use with an Arduino microcontroller. If that screen was too small, you can try upgrading to a slightly larger 1.3” display. This tutorial aims to guide you on how to use the 1.3” OLED with popular microcontroller boards such …

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Getting Started with WeMos D1 Mini

WeMos D1 Mini

The WeMos D1 Mini is part of the WeMos D1 family of development boards that feature the popular ESP8266 WiFi chip. If you have just purchased this board, then you’re on the right page. This article will show how to start programming the WeMos D1 Mini.

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ESP8266 NodeMCU DHT22 Interfacing Tutorial


The DHT22 is a temperature and humidity sensor in one package. It is widely used mainly due to its price but also because of it being robust and user-friendly. In this NodeMCU DHT22 interfacing tutorial, I will guide you in creating an IoT-based weather monitoring project.

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