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The Difference Between Integrated Circuits and Chips

Integrated Circuit Integrated circuits are small electronic components or products. Electronic components have made significant progress toward downsizing, low power consumption, and intelligence by becoming a microstructure with essential circuit operations; all components are integrated. The circuit's necessary transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and other parts are constructed on one or …

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Importance of Plasma Etching in Electronics Technology

plasma etching

Electronic technology manufacturers use plasma etching to 'roughen' a surface on a tiny scale. The component's surface is typically etched using a reactive process gas, which has both a physical and chemical impact on the surface. The volatile gas species in the plasma produce the chemical etching action, which quickly …

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Positive Features of the US Educational System

The American education system encompasses a variety of institutions. Almost 4,000 accredited institutions take part in it. It’s decentralized, which means that the institutions are not managed by a single central authority. With that, it is more versatile and flexible than most other educational systems around the world. Although it’s …

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What Happens if a Virus Gets On Your Mobile Device?

When you think of hackers, you probably think of two things: large-scale attacks on businesses that cause multi-million dollar damage and micro-phishing attacks that target the most vulnerable Internet users. If you are confident in the top-notch security of your device, it can be difficult for you to imagine a …

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How to Start Studying Electronics

How to learn electronics if you've never done it before? This guide will help you go from a complete zero to an intermediate to advanced level. You will be able to fix electronic equipment. Each step is described. Study school physics, including such sections and concepts as electrostatics, electrodynamics, Ohm's …

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The Best Way to Launch a Student Blog

There could be a variety of motives behind beginning a student blog. Some people use this as part of a school assignment (for example english homework), while others use it as a chance to spread their ideas throughout the world, build their portfolios, or learn certain professional skills. Blogging can …

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