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Raspberry Pi Tutorial

Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorial

Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic Sensor tutorial

An ultrasonic sensor is a common tool for measuring the distance of an object in front of it. While I recommend using an Arduino with ultrasonic sensor to achieve real-time results, it is still possible to use the sensor with a Raspberry Pi. This tutorial shows you how to build …

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How the DHT22 Sensor Works

DHT22 Sensor from DFRobot5

The DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor is a common sensor; in fact, there are tons of tutorials out there teaching you how to use it with your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontrollers. What prompted me to write about this sensor is my curiosity on how it gives out two …

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Raspberry Pi Serial (UART) Tutorial

Arduino UNO Raspberry Pi Connection

The serial port is a common way to “talk” to devices and is a feature that most microcontrollers and computers have. This Raspberry Pi Serial tutorial teaches you how to utilize the board’s UART feature in order to connect to a PC or to other microcontrollers and peripherals.

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Raspberry Pi GPIO Tutorial

GPIO LED output example

The Raspberry Pi is a Linux computer. But unlike most desktop and laptop Linux computers, users have access to a row of pins which can be used as inputs or outputs. These 40 pins are called GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins. This Raspberry Pi GPIO tutorial aims to help …

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Using RFID with Raspberry Pi Zero

Using RFID cards and tags is a cool way to switch on anything, wirelessly. For example, you can create an e-lock for your room, check meeting attendance or use cards to control your robot. In this tutorial, we will add RFID functions to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

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