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ESP32 Tutorial

Get Any Reddit Post using ESP32

Reddit's API has been piquing my curiosity for some time. However, my past experiences with APIs, especially with Twitter and Facebook have left a bad taste in my mouth. Then one day I had the courage to try it again and to my surprise, it's far easier than it looks!

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ESP32 Update Firmware through Web Server

Update ESP32 Firmware through External Web Server

Launching a project into production doesn’t mean it’s 100% finished --- this is why software/firmware updates exist. And your users are not programmers so you want the update process as user-friendly as possible. Thankfully, the ESP32 allows you to update its compiled code, called firmware, to be updated over the …

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ESP32 WiFi Manager

ESP32 WiFi Manager | Dynamic SSID and Password

If you've been following my tutorials on ESP32, then you'll notice that the WiFi SSID and password are always hardcoded. This tutorial will show you a way to change the WiFi credentials without needing to edit and re-upload your sketch. Our aim is to create a simple ESP32 WiFi manager. …

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