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Using Rotary Encoders with Arduino

incremental rotary encoder

There exists a sensor for almost all physical parameters. Temperature? Pressure? Weight? Gas Concentration? We’ve written a tutorial for them all on this site. This time, we will try to build a device that measures rotational position. The same device can measure rotational speed too. Of course, we’re talking about the …

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Using an E-ink Display with Arduino

e-ink display front

Ever wondered why e-book readers don’t use LCDs, OLEDs, or TFT displays? This is because, with the same usage, e-paper or e-ink displays consume 0.008% power compared to a TFT display. In this article, I’ll be featuring an e-ink display that can be readily used with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

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Get Any Reddit Post using ESP32

Reddit’s API has been piquing my curiosity for some time. However, my past experiences with APIs, especially with Twitter and Facebook have left a bad taste in my mouth. Then one day I had the courage to try it again and to my surprise, it’s far easier than it looks!

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Update ESP32 Firmware through External Web Server

ESP32 Update Firmware through Web Server

Launching a project into production doesn’t mean it’s 100% finished — this is why software/firmware updates exist. And your users are not programmers so you want the update process as user-friendly as possible. Thankfully, the ESP32 allows you to update its compiled code, called firmware, to be updated over the …

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A Guide to Powering your Arduino

Solar-powered Arduino

The Arduino was invented primarily for non-engineers but now, a lot of engineers are also into it. Using it in a fully-developed project is not a good look, yes, but it’s a lot quicker than building from scratch.  My only issue at the beginning is finding the best way to …

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