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Beaglebone Black Tutorials

If you want your microcontroller to do advanced stuff, then Linux-powered ARM devices should be your choice! The Beaglebone Black is similar to the Raspberry Pi but with more headers, an ADC, USB-to-Internet and more! This Beaglebone Black tutorial series starts with using bonescript (easiest) to using device tree overlays:



  1. The Beaglebone Black Hardware
  2. Introduction to Bonescript and Cloud9 IDE
  3. Blink a LED with Bonescript
  4. Adding Some Input 
  5. Reading Analog Signals with ADC
  6. Controlling Servo Motors 
  7. Using the Serial Port with Bonescript Under Construction!
  8. Communicating via I2C Under Construction!

I will continually update this tutorial so do come back often.