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ESP8266 Tutorial

NodeMCU ESP8266 tutorialsHere’s a list of ESP8266 Tutorials you can try if you want to learn how to use this WiFi microcontroller. The ESP8266 and its compatibility with Arduino IDE paves the way for many WiFi-based projects. You can easily create web servers, IoT projects and many more!

Web Server with NodeMCU WebSocket

NodeMCU WiFi Access Point

Uploading sensor data to web servers is one of the core ideas for Internet of Things (IoT). Such data are often small-sized and are continuously updated over time. And while HTTP performs satisfactorily for simple applications, like how I showed in my NodeMCU web server tutorial, there is a need …

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NodeMCU MQTT Tutorial

NodeMCU Webserver

So far, we've been using HTTP in our NodeMCU web servers and while it works, the protocol is not really the best way for sending and receiving small-sized data for IoT applications. In this tutorial, I will introduce you to NodeMCU MQTT.

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Log Data with NodeMCU and Google Sheets

nodemcu ajax dynamic sensor data

Most of the time, the data from a sensor in an IoT application needs to be recorded. This data logging is important for later statistical analysis now most popularly known as data analytics. In this tutorial, we will record the data captured from the sensor to a spreadsheet. Let's build …

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Intro to NodeMCU and Arduino IDE

node mcu v1.0

The NodeMCU is a development board featuring the popular ESP8266 WiFi chip. As it turns out, you can program the ESP8266 just like any other microcontroller. Its obvious advantage over the Arduino or PIC is that it can readily connect to the Internet via WiFi. However, the ESP8266 breakout board …

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