Guide on How to DJ With A Laptop: 3 Easy Steps

Becoming a DJ is easier than ever before as you do not require an expensive desk, an entire PA system, or a bundle of CDs. Today, having a good laptop, Bluetooth headphones, a USB, and a mixer are all you need to get started. 

Laptop DJing is a good option for beginners who don’t want to invest hugely in DJ equipment. Let’s learn the steps to set up a computer for your DJ work. We will also explore the best laptops and controller mixers available for DJ work.


Step 1. Pick the Right Laptop 

If you wish to DJ from your computer, make sure the device is optimized properly. Only a responsive laptop can allow you to play music flawlessly. Having a good volume of RAM is mandatory; else, you will not be able to start your DJ journey. 

Selecting any random processor for your computer is not enough; you need to select one that guarantees uninterrupted performance while consuming less battery. The laptop you select for your DJ work also depends on whether you want to DJ at weddings and parties or at clubs and bars. 

DJ for weddings won’t require anything more than an average computer as it goes on and off for a day or two. However, if you choose to DJ at clubs and bars, you would need a more robust laptop that is capable of playing music at high levels. 


Step 2: Download A DJ Software

Learning keyboard shortcuts will help you to switch between tracks seamlessly. In addition, getting acquainted with laptop functionality, such as how to turn off auto sleep on Mac or disable notifications to eliminate potential distractions, for example, can help you become more efficient at JD. 

After you finish downloading the software on the laptop, using this software as a turntable DJ is easier. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can pick DJ software from the handful of options available in the market.

Based on your goals, you can either pick advanced tools like Virtual DJ or go with Traktor Pro 3. If you are a beginner and looking for DJ software with average DJing capabilities, go with Serato Scratch Live. After downloading the DJ Software, make sure you know how it works on your computer. 


Step 3: Connect Mixer to the Laptop 

After selecting the best hardware and software for your DJ tasks, the next step is to get a good mixer. Pick an option from the analog mixers or control mixers available in the market. 

Also, get a backup media to ensure you have all the records and tracks available in case anything breaks.  

Analog mixers are more popular with old-school setups and work as standalone devices. In the old days, the professionals needed to connect the mixer with the turntable and the PA system. Nowadays, these mixers work even if your computer crashes during the event. 

Having a controller means you have everything you need to work as a DJ. A JD controller is, in general, a cost-effective option meant for beginners. In the last few decades, the controllers have transformed a lot, and the credit goes to technological advancements. 


Laptops to Get for DJ Work

Owning a good laptop is important to enjoy a flawless and smooth DJing experience. Here are some of the best laptops you can get for your DJ work. 


Dell XPS 15 9520

A touch screen all-in-one laptop with the most personalized user experience. Intel Core 7th gen 3.8 GHz processor makes Dell XPS 15 9520 an ideal option for handling even heavier tasks. 

1 TB SSD storage and 32 GB RAM keeps you going. Only a few laptops will give you a 1 TB storage option, so consider this if you are looking to save thousands of tracks locally. 


XMG DJ 15 

With 10th Gen Intel Core Processor, XMG DJ 15 is a laptop designed ideally for digital DJs. 

You can run almost any software on this laptop without experiencing any technical or functional slowdown. It is an efficient device preferred by many DJs. If you are exploring DJ as a profession, go for XMG DJ 15 laptop, as it integrates high-end features. 


Apple MacBook Air

If you are traveling a lot, MacBook Air would be the most lightweight device you can carry around without stressing your shoulders. 

128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM makes it faster for whatever task you throw at it. Even though it is one of the best laptops, you may need to consider the higher price range. 


Dell Nvidia GeForce GTX

Though a gaming laptop, Dell Nvidia GeForce GTX gives you outstanding performance and can be used for DJing.

256 gigabytes of storage, along with 8 gigs of RAM and over 10 hours of battery life, gives an unstoppable DJ experience. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry along wherever you go. 


Dell XPS 13 

Launched in 2020, Dell XPS 13 is one of the faster devices in the XPS ecosystem. The laptop integrates powerful latest components and comes in different variations of Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. The availability of multiple ports makes it easy to connect numerous external devices. 


Best Controller Mixers for DJ 

Regardless of your Djing skills, you can easily use any of the enlisted mixers and level up the DJ experience. 


Denon Mc7000

If you have installed Serato DJ software on your computer, Denon Mc7000 can be a good pick. The mixer comes with 4 channel setup, 16 performance pads, a dual audio interface, and a control setup. If you are a beginner DJ looking to amplify your experience, you can consider getting the Denon Mc7000 controller mixer. 


Traktor S4 Mk3

If you are looking for some serious DJing experience and want to buy the best option available in the market, Traktor S4 Mk3 is for you. It includes over 40 effects, a high-resolution tempo display, punch cue points, and a handful of deck samples. It is a great deal to buy if you are looking to explore the professional realm of Djing.