5 Best Apps to Make Internet Calls in 2023

The best apps to make internet calls allow free local and international connections. People can now make free calls from their computer or mobile device by downloading a free talk and text app with an internet calling feature. All that one needs to do to make a call is use VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol through WiFi or mobile data connection. 

These VoIP services enable individuals to make online calls to landlines and mobile numbers. These mobile and web apps start free, with people paying just their usual internet and network data charges. However, in time, some apps may require credits or subscribe to a plan to make calls. Other apps like Viber and Skype add features like instant messages and video chats. Check out the best apps for making internet calls in 2023. 

1. Google Voice

Google Voice is the answer for simple internet calls to local phone numbers in the US. One must sign in via a web browser or mobile app. For example, a student may seek help from his sister in another state and ask her to do homework for me. They can stay on the call for hours while doing the paper because Google Voice provides free connections within America with a free phone number. 

Those who wish to make international calls must top up at least $70 of credits with a bank account or credit card. The global rates are forgiving, starting at $0.01 per minute, depending on the country. Other ancillary services of Google Voice are text messages, voice mail, and voicemail archiving. It can also accept incoming pings from anywhere in the world. 


  • Free local calls anywhere in the United States
  • Blocks spam connects
  • Provides a free local phone number


  • Emergency support is not available
  • Doesn’t provide customer support
  • Removes free phone number after one year of inactivity


2. Skype

Those looking for a flexible and universal solution that can connect anywhere in the world can rely on Skype. It’s a native app on all Windows-based devices and pre-installed on Windows 10 PCs. Skype also runs as a web browser for Mac, Linux, and even Xbox One Gaming consoles. Skype-to-Skype connections are always free of charge, allowing people from anywhere in the world with Skype accounts to speak and send messages for free. 

However, connections to landlines and mobile devices require Skype credit. Charges can be based per minute or on a subscription plan starting at $2.99 a month. However, those who wish to receive calls from a landline or mobile number must have a Skype number which costs $6.50 a month. Good news for those with Microsoft 365 Family and Personal Plans have 60 minutes per month of free Skype calls. 


  • Widely available with many people owning Skype accounts
  • Provides free audio and video chats between Skype users
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox consoles, and Amazon Alexa


  • No free access to local numbers
  • Must pay to receive landline conversations
  • Varying toll charges based on locality

3. Talkatone

Speak to anyone with a free custom phone number with the help of a Talkatone app. This allows app users to connect via VoIP or WiFi for both in-network and other networks. Talkatone works for all Android and iOS devices but doesn’t support web-based use. This app provides free calling and texting for clients in the USA and Canada. 

Talkatone can even work while the user is on vacation abroad, with minimal international charges. It is essential to alert recipients about your desire to connect because Talkatone has no caller ID shown to a specific contact. Take this step because many people do not receive pings from unknown numbers. 


  • Free text and calls in North America
  • App works overseas
  • User-friendly interface


  • Doesn’t support emergency services
  • Not crystal clear voice quality
  • Banner ads at the bottom of the screen

    4. Viber

    Viber is known for free calls to other Viber users worldwide. This app also allows instant messages, accepts video/ audio files, uses group chats, stickers creation, community support, etc. It’s another versatile app that enables calls to landlines and mobile devices. If you need to get in touch with someone, you can use Viber to connect with 1800 numbers using Viber Out. 

    However, Viber Out is not free because credits or a subscription plan are needed for calls to landlines and mobile devices. The subscription plan for within the country is $1.99 a month. Those who make a lot of international interactions can subscribe at $5.99 per month, which is an affordable plan for worldwide usage. 


    • Reasonable pricing for Viber Out 
    • Free Viber to Viber anywhere in the world
    • Deletes messages after a specific time


    • Doesn’t offer free nationwide services
    • Must download the app for desktop/smartphone 
    • No web browser usage is available 


    5. FB Messenger

    FB Messenger belongs on the list, although it cannot call phone numbers. Today, most adults have an account and can access this app, so making an app-to-app voice or video chat is easy. Most people are familiar with this app and can easily use it on their smartphones or tablets. Messenger is also available using a web browser. 

    Kids younger than 13 years old, who are by the rules not supposed to have FB accounts because of their age, can use Messenger Kids. This will allow kids to send chat messages or video calls. Parents can monitor their children’s activity and view their contact list. 


    • Supports free Messenger-to-Messenger video or voice chats 
    • Can send recorded video or voice messages
    • Zero cost 


    • Does not support landlines and mobile numbers
    • Sometimes spotty signal can cause unclear audio and blurry images
    • Not for contacting people outside of Facebook

    Final Thoughts

    It’s now easy to connect with other people using your phone thanks to modern technology. People can use WiFi and mobile data to make internet connections. It is important to note that VoIP messaging also doesn't rely on a high speed for connection. Most people just need access to 0.5 Mbps to make a successful connection. For safety, users must choose a reputable app with a secure connection to safeguard their conversations.