An Engaging Ad Format For Effective Marketing!

One of the most dependable worldwide ad formats for effortlessly reaching your target audience is web push. Do you have a burning desire to expand your genuine audience, visibility, and high-quality traffic? Don't be hesitant to select the ClickAdilla platform to generate and operate successful ad campaigns!

What do you know about the ad format that really works?

The four components of this type of advertisement format are an icon, an image or avatar, a heading, and text. Through our websites, we provide an exclusive base of more than 100 million subscribers. These notifications' click-through rate (CTR) is among the highest. Any vertical, including dating, gaming, betting, nutra, sweepstakes, and utilities, to mention a few, can employ this advertising format. Users of desktop and laptop devices are the ones who will learn the crucial details about your product or service that are offered in web push ads.


The advantages of using our platform

The web push advertising format is available on our self-serve platform. Our trusted ad network ensures 100% customer satisfaction thanks to the following features: 

  • 24/7 customer support

Our clients can get professional assistance any time of day or night. 

  • Personal Account Manager

Your accounts are maintained by proficient specialists who are focused on establishing long-lasting customer relationships. 

  • Availability of broad targeting

Our clients can rely on our delivery system to find the best audience to show their ads to. 

  • Minimum deposit

There's no need to worry about spending heavily on your advertisements. 

  • Real-time statistics

Our clients are provided with actual data about the display of their advertising, such as ad impressions or ad views. 

  • Postback and integration with the help of popular trackers.


Start using ClickAdilla to create and manage your advertising campaigns!

If you want premium traffic for the sustainable growth of your business, join ClickAdilla! All you need to do is complete the sign-up process and create a user account. Starting an ad campaign couldn't be simpler! You must pick the appropriate ad format from the list of options, as well as the required target and sources, in order to develop an effective advertising campaign. The next step is to replenish your balance and establish proper spending limits. All done! Your clients' desire to buy your product or service will undoubtedly be driven by web-push marketing!