How To Build A Storyboard Online


A storyboard is a visual plan created to help understand what will happen in a film, TV show, or theater play. It allows you to view how a project will flow over time and how individual scenes will be structured. Storyboards are used by directors, producers, and production designers to assemble their idea before it becomes tangible onscreen.

For many years storyboards were created by hand as a piece of paper, but now online storyboard steps in. Keep reading to learn more about this product and how to create a storyboard online.

What Is A Storyboard?

Storyboards help you create a visual map that organizes all the elements and scenes of your project, giving you an overview to make sure that everything is in order. Storyboarding is one of the most important tools for film directors.

The most important thing about storyboarding is that it allows directors to visualize their scenes before they come to life. All the main elements – actions, camera positions, and actors’ movements – can be designed ahead of time with the help of a good storyboard. A lot of effort goes into creating a single scene, and it always makes sense to plan every step beforehand so that every detail will be taken care of. The work on any project starts with the storyboarding stage.

Why Do You Need A Storyboard?

A storyboard is a good way to organize your ideas and plan ahead before you start filming. They can be extremely useful for directors and designers tasked with bringing the script to life. How To Build A Storyboard Online? You can use a storyboard template or make your storyboards. Make sure that all the animators and artists working on the project have access to them, so they know what’s expected from them.

What Are The Elements Of A Storyboard?

Several elements should be considered when making a storyboard.


This is where you can represent the scenes from the script in a visual form. A panel is an image showing a certain part of the story. Panels for television and animated films are different, and it’s important to know how to create storyboards for both.


There are two key points to consider when designing images for your panels: composition and perspective, which describe how your scene will appear onscreen, what will be most important, and how you want to represent your characters’ emotions through their poses or facial expressions in each particular frame.

Titles And Captions

It is important to consider the titles and captions when designing your storyboard. These names are used as instructions for the audience: which scene is being described, what is happening, etc.

How Can You Build Your Own Storyboard?

Make sure your storyboard template looks professional and follows a clear structure so you can use it for different projects.

Consider An Online Storyboard Creator

If you want to create a storyboard, the best option is to consider an online storyboard creator. Plenty of free tools are available online to help you build your storyboards for free or at an affordable price.

Choose The Template

Choosing a template that fits your needs and represents your project well is important. When building new templates, you should also keep in mind other factors like working with text and colors and keeping everything organized and easy to work with software. It’s also important to use nine panels or fewer templates, so they are easier to navigate while editing.

Use Easy Tools To Create A Storyboard

There are various tools available online that can help you to create a storyboard with just a few clicks. Most of them have a simple interface and are easy to use by beginners. It lets you create your storyboards within minutes, so it won’t be hard for you to start using them.

Customize View

You can customize your view panel with buttons and other functions to make it easier to work with. This is useful if you are working on different projects at the same time and need to jump from one project to the next panel.

Get Structured Feedback

You can get structured feedback after creating your storyboard by integrating it into an online chat or sharing it with other team members. This is perfect if you are working on several projects at the same time and want to receive your comments in real-time.

Use Real-Time Collaboration

Another great feature to keep your storyboard flexible is real-time collaboration. Make sure you can work with others in real-time, so you can receive feedback while working on your project.

Share Your Work Easily

The final tip is to share your work easily when creating a storyboard. You can either build a folder or save your work to the cloud and make all the changes to one storyboard template to keep everything organized.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that storyboards are vital to creating screenplays and producing a film. They help you organize your film script, visualize the scenes and ensure everything is in order. Once you start working on your project, it’s important to consider storyboards in every step of development.

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