How to Run a BMW VIN Number Lookup?

Are you interested in learning the details of a BMW? Better still, you can learn all the options the vehicle is equipped with. Thanks to VIN online decoders like BMW VIN decoder you can learn all about a BMW through its VIN.

In this post, you will learn how to run a BMW VIN lookup. Read on for more details.

Why do a VIN lookup?

There are various reasons you may want to do a VIN lookup. For instance, when buying a pre-owned car, you need to know if the vehicle is salvage or listed as stolen.

Also, you can use the report you get to compare or find appropriate upgrades. You get access to the history of a vehicle. It is especially important when your hard-earned money is on the line.

Some unscrupulous vehicle dealers may try to mischaracterize the vehicle or try to conceal its previous damage. What’s more, you will know if the vehicle at one time was a taxi or had other titles.

How to run a BMW VIN lookup using BMW VIN Decoder

With the BMW VIN decoder, you get an all-round tool that makes it easy to get a BMW vehicle report by running its VIN. To get started, click here to access the BMW VIN decoder.

Doing a BMW VIN lookup, you will get a detailed car report including its software version. A VIN reveals more details about a vehicle than most people think. Each digit tells you specific details about the vehicle.

Below are the simple steps involved when doing VIN lookup:

Step 1: Start by finding the BMW VIN on the vehicle to learn more about the car and its past. You can find the VIN on the inside frame of the driver-side front door. Also, it is on the driver’s side where the dashboard meets the windscreen.

Step 2: Armed with the BMW VIN, open the BMW VIN Decoder website. Next, enter the VIN and hit the Search button. Give the platform a minute or so to search the vehicle history and compile a report.

Step 3: It will provide you with a comprehensive report about the BMW.

What information can you find from a BMW’s VIN lookup?

A VIN lookup gives you access to a lot of details about a vehicle’s configuration. Some of the details are obvious even for a novice like counting the number of doors the car has.

Also, the color will be obvious. However, checking the VIN will let you know the factory paint and corresponding color code. This way, you will learn if the BMW has been resprayed. Other details from a VIN lookup are not easily visible.

Here are some of the details you learn from a BMW VIN lookup:

1. Vehicle transmission, engine capacity, and horsepower

A quick VIN lookup will let you know about the BMW’s engine capacity, transmission, and horsepower. As such, you can cross check the accuracy of questionable second-hand listings.

So, you will know if someone tries to pass off a lower-specced BMW as something beefier. With a VIN lookup, you will save time and money until you find your dream car.

2. Performance

A VIN lookup will also give you an idea of the BMW in-car experience. The lookup shows details such as the iDrive head unit installed in the vehicle. It influences technology, connectivity features, and compatibility with third-party retrofits.

Some head units such as NBT Evo and NBT offer more features compared to the old, entry-level units like EntryNAv or CIC.

3. Options equipped in the vehicle

Apart from the core vehicle specification, a BMW VIN lookup will provide a detailed list of options equipped in the car. These include everything from the stereo system to the suspension and climate version.

It is vital information for confirming if a used BMW supports aftermarket retrofits.

4. Mileage

Through VIN lookup, you can establish the mileage of the vehicle. The data is captured whenever the car goes for service. So, you will know if the odometer of the BMW has been tampered with.

5. Get the ownership history

A VIN check will let you know the ownership history of the vehicle. The report will show how long each owner had the BMW and the number of previous owners.

When you do a VIN lookup, you get detailed answers to any concerns you have. It is recommended to do a VIN lookup when purchasing a used vehicle for your safety.


When you do a VIN lookup for a BMW, you get a detailed report about the car in question. This is a convenient way of getting details about the vehicle you are interested in.

With this information, you can compare it with the report you get from the dealer or seller of the used BMW. It will help you decide if the vehicle is worth your money or not.

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