Optimal Circuit Boards Information Guide

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Do you know what the PCB circuit boards made of are?

PCB vs PCBA-What is the differences? Have you ever opened up your iPhone to see what’s inside? You would find only a few things, from the digitiser, battery to soldering and of course, the PCB.

We have prepared this helpful guide where you can learn about the materials used to make PCBs.  You can get a picture of how a manufacturer produces them.

 It has four chapters that cover every detail about Circuit Boards composition.


Among the key subjects on Circuit Boards composition  include:


  1. What is the PCB Circuit Boards Made Of: This section gives a brief overview of the PCB board composition.
  2. What material is the board made of: This section details the PCB usually made of four layers of material.
  3. Custom Board: This section focuses on two significant steps of the custom board: Prepare Schematic View, Access Board Layout View.
  4. How are Circuit Boards Made: This section provides an in-depth look at the manufacturing process of the board: making the substrate, the copper layer, and the final solder mask.

Finally, the focus of this article is to let you understand Manufacturing circuit boards requires proficient knowledge and sophisticated equipment. If you have any needs or questions, feel free to contact us.

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