Analog Signals with BeagleBone BoneScript

beaglebone black adc

Using the Beaglebone Black ADC

One of the advantages of the Beaglebone Black over the Raspberry Pi is the presence of an analog-to-digital converter. There are 7 analog inputs, all at P9:

To process analog signals, we’ll be using the analogRead() function. Note that the analog pins can only read as much as 1.8 V. Levels higher than 1.8 V will damage the pins so be wary!

The following script reads an analog signal on pin P9_40 and displays it on the Output log on the Cloud9 IDE:

var b = require('bonescript');
inputPin = "P9_40";
function loop() {
    var value = b.analogRead(inputPin);
    setTimeout(loop, 1);