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Arduino Breadboard

A reference of Arduino Parts for building your own Arduino board.

Bare Minimum Parts:

Arduino Breadboard

  1. Breadboard
  2. U1 - ATMega328 Microcontroller (preferably with Arduino bootloader installed)
  3. Jumper wires
  4. LED
  5. R2 - 470 Ohm resistors
  6. R1 - 1 x 10k Ohm resistor
  7. 2 x 10 uF capacitors (not pictured but needed on PCB version, below)
  8. X1 - 16 MHz clock crystal
  9. C1, C4 - 2 x 0.1 uF ceramic capacitor
  10. C2, C3 - 2 x 22 pF ceramic capacitors 
  11. Pushbutton for reset (not pictured)
  12. 7805 Regulator IC (not pictured, again for PCB version)
  13. USB to Serial Converter Breakout Board

Schematic Diagram

DIY Arduino Schematic

On PCB (with additional LED for power):

Arduino on DIY PCB

Burning the Bootloader:

Arduino Fritzing diagram for Bootloader

  1. Wire the circuit above
  2. Open ArduinoISP sketch: File > Examples > 11.ArduinoISP
  3. Select Tools>Board: Arduino/Genuino UNO and appropriate port
  4. Select Tools>Programmer: Arduino as ISP
  5. Burn the bootloader through Tools>Burn Bootloader


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