Arduino UNO Pinout Diagram

Arduino Timer Interrupt

The Arduino UNO is arguably the most popular Arduino board currently available. This Arduino UNO Pinout diagram reference will hopefully help you get the most out of this board:

Arduino UNO Pinout Diagram


Arduino UNO Pinout Description

The Arduino UNO board is divided into digital, analog, and power pins. There are pins with secondary functions as listed below. Secondary pins are mostly communications pins such as I2C and SPI.


Digital Pins

Arduino UNO digital pins

Analog Pins

Arduino UNO analog pins

Power Pins

Arduino UNO power pins

Also, notice that the ATMega pins for each Arduino pin are also provided in the diagram above. For details on how to use these pins, see Arduino Port Manipulation.

Arduino UNO Rev3 Schematic Diagram

For those who want to dig deeper into understanding the Arduino UNO board, I suggest you look into its schematic diagram:

(Click to view larger image)

Arduino UNO Rev3 Schematic

The schematic diagram above is also helpful when you want to build your own Arduino.