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Arduino Tutorial

Arduino tutorials

A collection of Arduino tutorial articles, from newest to oldest. These tutorials are compiled from personal to paid projects and university lectures. See Arduino Tutorials page if you want to learn from basics to advanced.

The Arduino simplifies microcontroller programming through easy to use code, software and hardware. The best way to learn Arduino is by building projects so start by trying these Arduino tutorials and improve them!

How to Use the MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensor is especially designed to be sensitive to carbon monoxide (CO) gas which is emitted by vehicles, factories, etc. Since this gas is considered toxic to humans at certain levels, concentration of CO is used to determine the air pollution in a given area.

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Creating a Simple Arduino Fire Detector

arduino fire detector

A fire or flame sensor is simply an infrared LED with an amplifier circuit. Flame radiates infrared signal, which triggers the LED to produce current. This current is converted to voltage for an analog to digital converter to read. Let's see how we can build an arduino fire detector using …

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How to Use the E32-TTL-100 SX1278 LoRa Module

E32-TTL-100 SX1278 LoRa Module

LoRa is a promising low-power, long range wireless transmission protocol developed by Semtech as part of the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT). Simply put, it is a method for sending data separate from WiFi, Zigbee or Bluetooth. Its low power consumption amidst very long range of transmission (up to …

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Arduino Boards

Arduino Boards

The number of Arduino boards have increased over the years; some have been discontinued while others are still available. The choice of which board to use depends on several factors: price, features, availability, ease of use, etc. Here’s a summary of all Arduino boards with their pros and cons.

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How to Use a Flex Sensor

Flex Sensor

A flex sensor can be used with a microcontroller to detect or measure bending.  In this tutorial, I will show how to interface this sensor with an Arduino UNO and discuss some possible flex sensor applications and projects.

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PIR Motion Sensor

HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor

You can in fact build your own motion sensor without spending too much. Motion sensors can be setup using ultrasonic transceivers, video cameras or microwave signals. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the PIR motion sensor with a microcontroller. PIR is short for passive infrared which describes …

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Using the MicroSD Breakout Board with Arduino

Microcontrollers usually don’t have enough memory to store data like images, database or even large text files. EEPROMs are tasked for this, but the portability of a memory card gives it a big advantage. This tutorial shows how easy to use a microSD card with the Arduino microcontroller.

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