arduino current sensor

Arduino Current Sensor Tutorial

Current sensors can have different applications: power supplies, over-current protection, and motor control to name a few. In this Arduino current sensor tutorial, we will look at how to read current using the ACS712 sensor.

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Soil moisture sensor to ESP8266

Send Sensor Data to ThingSpeak via ESP8266

In the previous tutorial, we set up a soil moisture sensor and have its data readable via WiFi. However, that data is only accessible if the NodeMCU and the client (smartphone, PC, etc.) is in the same network. In this tutorial, we will use a service that allows us to …

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Featured: Seeeduino Nano

The Seeeduino Nano is Seeedstudio’s version of the new Arduino Nano. What can steer a maker towards this board instead of the original? We hope to answer that question in this featured article.

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Fast Printing PCB – Factors Make it Perfect

Sponsored Post by OurPCB Are you looking for a company that can provide you with the best Fast Print PCB products?   In this article, we will talk about Fast Printing PCB,help you make informed decisions and achieve the desired results. Among the key subjects on Fast Printing PCB include: What …

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