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Roland Pelayo

Roland is the brains of Teach Me Microcontrollers. He is a firmware engineer who have ten years (and counting) of experience in developing electronic and microcontroller-based systems. Roland's designs include medical devices, security and automation, robots, emergency alert systems and educational training modules. Besides writing for TMM, he currently heads the Electronics Engineering Program of Holy Cross College in Davao City. He was also once a technical editor of All About Circuits and Maker.Pro Roland is open to consultation or microcontroller firmware projects: just contact him via the contact page.

How to Run a BMW VIN Number Lookup?

Are you interested in learning the details of a BMW? Better still, you can learn all the options the vehicle is equipped with. Thanks to VIN online decoders like BMW VIN decoder you can learn all about a BMW through its VIN. In this post, you will learn how to …

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5 Steps To Understanding Your Residential Lease

If you are searching for a place to live, you’ll soon be faced with the “fun” task of reading & understanding your lease. This legally enforceable contract spells out your down payment, termination date, responsibilities as a tenant, and the rent you’ll be paying every month.  Although it’s a lengthy …

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What You Should Be Wary of with Online Dating? | CocoFinder

Online dating has become the new ordinary. If you are searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right on different dating applications, it’s critical to find ways to ensure your security. There are numerous instruments available to you between ride-sharing, auxiliary email accounts, and a subsequent telephone number. Continuously ensure that you …

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Update ESP32 Firmware through External Web Server

ESP32 Update Firmware through Web Server

Launching a project into production doesn’t mean it’s 100% finished — this is why software/firmware updates exist. And your users are not programmers so you want the update process as user-friendly as possible. Thankfully, the ESP32 allows you to update its compiled code, called firmware, to be updated over the …

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A Guide to Powering your Arduino

Solar-powered Arduino

The Arduino was invented primarily for non-engineers but now, a lot of engineers are also into it. Using it in a fully-developed project is not a good look, yes, but it’s a lot quicker than building from scratch.  My only issue at the beginning is finding the best way to …

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8051 Serial Interface Tutorial

8051 microcontroller

We continue with our series on the 8051 with a tutorial on serial transmission. Data communications via the serial port is an easy way for a microcontroller to ‘talk’ with the outside world. Examples of devices that have serial interfaces are sensors, LCDs, EEPROM, SD cards, and RTCs.

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