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Roland Pelayo

Roland is the brains of Teach Me Microcontrollers. He is a firmware engineer who have ten years (and counting) of experience in developing electronic and microcontroller-based systems. Roland's designs include medical devices, security and automation, robots, emergency alert systems and educational training modules. Besides writing for TMM, he currently heads the Electronics Engineering Program of Holy Cross College in Davao City. He was also once a technical editor of All About Circuits and Maker.Pro Roland is open to consultation or microcontroller firmware projects: just contact him via the contact page.

Programming the STM32F407VE Black Board

STM32F407VE black board features

I just got my hands on a STM32F407VET black development board from China and was excited about the possible projects I can build with it. To my demise, there’s not much information about programming the board so I had to find that out by myself. This post is for those …

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Using a Fingerprint Sensor

Sensor attached to Arduino UNO

Fingerprint sensors are old technology but it wasn’t readily available to makers until it was cheap. With such a device, you could easily create a keyless secure lock, biometric attendance system, and many more. Fingerprint Sensor Module I managed to secure a fingerprint sensor module that communicates via TTL serial. …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Making a STM32 Board

STM32 Printed Circuit Board

If you’re looking to learn how to make your own electronic devices at home, it’s important to understand that you’re going to need two things: a microprocessor and the microprocessor board to put it on. In an earlier post, we taught you how to program the PIC16F84A — sometimes known as …

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Introduction to 8051 Microcontroller using C

8051 microcontroller

The 8051 microcontroller is much older than the ones featured here. Yes, even older than the PIC16F84A. However, being flooded by messages from students about this microcontroller tells me that universities still teach it. Hence, in line with our goal to teach microcontrollers to anyone, we decided to add the …

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WeMos D1 Mini WiFi Server

WeMos D1 Mini

Now that you’ve set up your WeMos D1 Mini to be programmable using the Arduino IDE, it’s time to build a project. I’m a huge believer in active learning and project-making does just that. For this tutorial, I will guide you on how to build a WeMos D1 Mini WiFi …

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ESP32 WiFi Manager | Dynamic SSID and Password

ESP32 WiFi Manager

If you’ve been following my tutorials on ESP32, then you’ll notice that the WiFi SSID and password are always hardcoded. This tutorial will show you a way to change the WiFi credentials without needing to edit and re-upload your sketch. Our aim is to create a simple ESP32 WiFi manager. …

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Getting Started with Blue Pill and STM32Cube

Arduino is easy-to-use but that’s at the expense of numerous features, most glaring of them is speed. Hence you would rarely see an Arduino in an embedded, industrial setting. ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers are low-cost, energy-efficient 32-bit devices with up to 2 DMIPS/MHz. They are the microcontroller of choice if you …

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