arduino library

Arduino Library: How to Create Your Own

One of the strengths of the Arduino platform is the extensive library included in its IDE. Libraries make life simplier for coders; imagine how hard it would be if there's no LiquidCrystal or Servo library ready for use. In my experience, projects were done in shorter time because of the …

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arduino usb serial converter

How to Use Arduino as USB to Serial Converter

If you want to do serial debugging for your PIC, ESP8266, Bluetooth module and a TTL-to-USB converter (pictured below) is nowhere in sight, you can simply use an Arduino USB serial converter!   The Arduino UNO has its own FTDI chip whose function is to convert TTL signal levels to USB. …

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Raspberry Pi VNC

Raspberry Pi VNC Control Via PC

I don't have a monitor for my Raspberry Pi so I use SSH to access and control it. I can do everything I need with SSH but sometimes I just grow tired of looking at the terminal and just want to point and click my mouse in using my board. …

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beaglebone black adc

Beaglebone Black ADC: Reading Analog Voltages

One of the most important things your microcontroller can do is read analog voltages. It is important particularly in interfacing with sensors where most throw varying voltage levels that represent varying physical quantities (temperature, pressure, etc.). Microcontrollers, including the Beaglebone Black, have analog to digital converters to do this. Here …

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microcontroller serial communication

Serial Communication with Microcontrollers

When working on projects, there'll be lots of times when your microcontroller needs serial communication to talk to other devices or other micros. The most common example of this is adding IoT capabilities to your Arduino board or PIC using ESP8266 or GSM module.  A number of sensors and LCD …

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beaglebone black blink LED

Beaglebone Black Blink LED using C++

The first thing I did when I had my Beaglebone Black (BBB) was toy with it using C++. The "hello world" of embedded programming is LED blinking so that's what I did. Note that the BBB has user-accessible on-board LEDs and controlling them is very similar to the method outlined here. …

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