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Digital Thermometer with Nokia 3310 LCD

The Nokia 3310 LCD is a cheap option for those who want to add a graphical display to their microcontroller projects. This digital thermometer project uses this LCD to display the temperature from a LM35 temperature sensor.


A temperature sensor is a fairly common microcontroller project. The sensing device in this project is a LM35 integrated circuit that gives 10mV per degree celsius and can detect from 0 degree celsius to 100 degree celsius.

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The PIC16F877A microcontroller used in this project has 10-bit ADC and a minimum sensible voltage of 4.88 mV. This means the conversion factor for the LM35 should be 10mV/2.88mV or 2.046. This value is used in the code to convert the ADC value to temperature in degree celsius.

The Nokia 3310 LCD uses SPI for interfacing with a microcontroller. I’ve created two libraries for the PIC16F877A to communicate with this LCD and is included in the downloadable design files.

Materials Needed

  • PIC16F877A
  • Nokia 3310/5110 LCD Breakout Board
  • LM35
  • 4.7 uF Mylar Capacitor
  • SPST Pushbutton
  • 4 MHz Crystal
  • 2 x 22pF Ceramic Capacitor

Schematic Diagram

Digital Thermometer Nokia 3310 LCD

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This project was tested and simulated using Proteus ISIS. You will need the Nokia 3310 LCD Proteus library to do your own simulations.


As mentioned, this project requires two libraries, pcd8544.h and SPI.h, to work. They are included in the downloadable files.

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The signal from the LM35 is easily converted to readable data using analog to digital conversion. In my code, the reading is done every second. You can adjust the delay for the code according to your needs.

Design Files

Feel free to download the design files for this project:

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If you have any questions about this digital thermometer project, kindly drop a comment below!

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