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incremental rotary encoder

Using Rotary Encoders with Arduino

There exists a sensor for almost all physical parameters. Temperature? Pressure? Weight? Gas Concentration? We’ve written a tutorial for them all on this site. This time, we will try to build a device that measures rotational position. The same device can measure rotational speed too. Of course, we’re talking about the …

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Arduino Water Flow meter

Building an Arduino Water Flow Meter

How do you measure the volume of a liquid? There are a couple or so ways to do it. One technique is by determining the level of the liquid in a container with a known cross-sectional area. For level measurements, an ultrasonic sensor is useful. Another technique is to use …

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NodeMCU IoT Environment Monitor

Project Overview This NodeMCU IoT project is a simple demonstration on how to send sensor data to the Internet. Powered by a NodeMCU ESP8266 microcontroller, this project is able to show temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure to any MQTT subscriber.

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Arduino Altimeter Project Using BMP085

This Arduino Altimeter project features the BMP085 atmospheric pressure sensor by Bosch. Because atmospheric pressure is directly related to altitude above sea level, we can use this sensor to determine current height with respect to the height of the oceans. The height is given in meters and is displayed on …

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Arduino BMP085 Tutorial

The BMP085 is a relatively cheap barometric pressure sensor from Bosch. I believe this sensor is kinda old (no information about this device is found on the Bosch site) and yet it’s still used today because of its simplicity. This Arduino BMP085 tutorial covers the basics of using this device …

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SPI Timing Diagram

What is SPI? | Protocol Guide

SPI, short for Serial Peripheral Interface, is a communication protocol common in microcontroller systems. Sensors, liquid crystal displays and memory cards are examples of devices that use SPI. It is faster than both UART and I2C although it also has its disadvantages.

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arduino sensor example

Arduino Sensor Interfacing Tutorial

A sensor is a device that transforms physical quantities like temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., to an electrical signal. Moreover, this signal is often fed to a microcontroller like the Arduino for further processing, displaying or recording. This data from the sensor are often analog in nature, i.e., they vary over …

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